For aspiring medical students who are not able to achieve the cut off in national medical exams like NEET and MH-CET, and do not have a budget to afford the costs of a private Medical College in India, there are many other options still open to make a career in medicine. You can apply for Medical Universities abroad to fulfill your ambition of studying MBBS. Unlike private medical colleges in India, it is quite cheaper to study in Medical Universities in countries like Russia, Ukraine, China, Kyrgyzstan, Philippines, Georgia, Belarus etc. Even MBBS in US is cheaper than most private medical colleges in India.

One of the cheapest, yet a genuine, destination to studying MBBS for Indian students is Ukraine. Ukraine, located in Eastern Europe, is a neighbouring country of Russia and was a part of the erstwhile USSR. Ukraine has territorial disputes with Russia for Crimean island, due to which, there was a war between the two countries in 2014. The affected areas were limited to the Eastern part of Ukraine and the Western part remains unaffected. The medical Universities in the Ukraine continue to be a very economical option for Indian medical aspirants.

Cost of Studies

MBBS in Ukraine offers one of the most economical options for Indian students looking to study medical abroad. It is possible to complete your entire course for a total sum of Rs 20 lakh only. This sum covers the total tution fees for entire 6 years, the hostel accommodation, the food and living expenses and any other miscellaneous expenses occurred during your course of stay. Thus it makes it completely justifiable to opt for a medical course in Ukraine. It is this reason that in 2016, more than 1,500 Indian medical aspirants chose Medical Universities in Ukraine to pursue their medical career.

Advantages of Studying MBBS in Ukraine

  1. Low cost of studies and living in Ukraine.
  2. Established and renowned Medical Universities in Ukraine that ranked quote high among the Universities in the world.
  3. High Quality teaching with English as the major mode of communication in most Medical Universities of Ukraine.
  4. Huge number of doctors have passed out from Ukraine Medical Universities and are making their career in medicine all over the world.
  5. Very easy process of admission to medical courses.
  6. Ease of entry in Europe for further higher studies if you complete your MBBS in Ukraine.
  7. Better and more moderate weather conditions as compared to Russia.
  8. Extremely low cost of living as compared to other countries.