Georgia is located at the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe. It is bounded to the Black Sea by its west and it is a sovereign state of Caucasus region of Eurasia. Georgia is surrounded by Russia,Turkey, Armenia and Azerbaijan. It has a population of around 4.7 million people which is far lower than Belarus. The capital of Georgia is Tbilisi. Georgia covers a total territorial area of about 69,7000 km.

The medical education provided by the Universities in Georgia is famous throughout the world. But it is worth considering many factors before choosing to do MBBS in Georgia. Many Indian students aspire to do MBBS in Georgia without even actually knowing the major merits and demerits of doing so. It is worth noting that Georgia is actually not a part of the European Union. It is the dream of every Indian student to pursue with their medical education in a European country and hence the agents misrepresent Georgia to be a part of the European Union which is actually not correct. The weather in Georgia totally depends on the onshore of the Black Sea. As the country is wet almost throughout the year, it may be difficult for the Indian students to adjust with the weather conditions in Georgia.

Whenever pursuing with MBBS in a European country came in mind, Russia and Ukraine have been the first choice of the students. But since 2011 Georgia has become another famous destination for doing MBBS due to the war in Ukraine after which the students were advised to move to Georgia and Belarus.


There are some WHO Recognized Universities in Georgia providing MBBS at a very low cost but Georgia is not a part of the European Union which most of the agents represent it to be. There are many other countries providing low cost and very good quality MBBS program for the international students. Wrong promises are made by the agents saying that the students would be provided with a Schengen Visa(visa applicable for Europe) as it is not a part of the European Union. The agents even make fake promises to the students that they would be provided jobs as medical practitioners in any country in the European Union after completing MBBS from Georgia. The European Union consists of a total of around 28 countries and each country has a different language for communicating and it is not possible to work in any country in Europe without having the language proficiency for that particular country.

Usually the agents only promote the tuition fees of the course and do not mention anything about the cost of living in Georgia. The Indian Embassy has clearly stated that the cost of living in a city like Tbilisi would be somewhere around 3 lakh per annum which is extremely high as compared to the other European countries. Another wrong quotation by the agents is that MBBS in Georgia is only for a duration of 5 years which is absolutely not true. Any University in Georgia would issue an admission letter of 6 years and not of 5 years. With the total cost of studies and accommodation in Georgia a student can get to do MBBS from an A+ graded University in Russia.

With such a low population in the country, the patient flow in the hospitals in Georgia is very low which results in providing minimum practical knowledge to students. The hostels available for the students are private hostels and hence the Indian Embassy has stated them to be improper and unsafe for the students.