There is only 2 in 100 chance that a student appearing for medical exam in India like NEET/MH-CET and others, will get a chance to study MBBS from a reputed government college. The rest of the students, who are serious enough to pursue their career in medical field, either go for a private medical college in India, or look for options abroad. The problem with medical education in a private institution in India is that the cost is prohibitively high for most of the families. Thus is becomes a good option to look for good Universities to study MBBS abroad.

Surprisingly, it is very cost effective to study MBBS in countries like US, China, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Belarus, Philippines, Kyrghyzstan, apart from other countries. When you consider that a good government University outside India can give you an MCI approved MBBS degree for as low as 15 lakh for the total cost of tuition, living and food, it becomes a viable option for Indian students to apply for Universities in these countries.

China as MBBS Destination

Mainland China is one of the best countries in the world to study medical education. It is host to some of the top medical Universities in the world. There are 45 Universities that are approved by the Medical Council of India (MCI) giving you a lot of options to choose from. The overall cost of studying MBBS in China is also very low as compared to the private medical Universities in India. You can complete your MBBS education from China for a cost of Rs 40 Lakh. This cost includes the entire MBBS course fees, the cost of hostel accommodation for the entire course, food and living expenses and miscellaneous other expenses.

RK Global suggests that you prefer only those medical Universities to pursue your MBBS degree that are run by the Chinese government, were established at least a few decades ago, and have a long list of successful students who have passed from the University and are practicing medicine. We have a list of recommended Universities based on the above parameters. Based on your budget for the entire course, we can recommend you the best option and help you apply to the University.

Entrance Test

China conducts Standard Entrance Test (SET) to select students for its medical Universities. It is conducted by a steering committee from the major Medical Universities of China with a view to set up a common entrance examination for all the students. The test consists of 4 sections – Biology (50 questions, 100 marks), Chemistry (50 questions, 100 marks), Physics (50 questions, 100 marks) and Maths (25 questions, 50 marks).

Indian Students in China

With the increasing competition for obtaining an admission in Indian government medical Universities and prohibitively high fees of private medical colleges, the interest of Indian students to pursue medical studies in China is increasing day by day. There are more than 8000 Indian students currently studying in Chinese medical Universities. With 45 Universities approved by the Medical Council of India (MCI) China is the country with the highest number of of such Universities.

A B-Grade University in China can give you an MBBS degree for as low as Rs 20 Lakh for the entire course. MBBS in China is a complete 6 years course, which also includes 1 year internship. After the completion of graduation, you can apply for your PG in US or Germany. RK Global will help you with your application to either of the two countries. You can also chose to complete your internship in India after completing 5 years in medical University in China.

The course curriculum of medical studies in China covers all the major 19 subjects that are taught in Indian Medical Universities. And the course in Universities in China is standard throughtout. There are many Unviersities that teach medical course in English language. RK Global will guide you to apply to only those Universities that teach in English language.