Belarus is a small landlocked country in Eastern Europe. It is surrounded by countries like Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Latvia and Lithuania. The country is populated by around  95 million people. Belarus is famous for its Stalinist form  of architecture, grand fortifications and primeval forests. The  country became independent  from  Russia in the year 1991 and was built thereafter. In today’s world it is seen that people are diverting more toward doing MBBS in abroad . Mostly Russia is one country which provides a medical degree that is highly valued in India and when it comes to doing MBBS in abroad the first country that comes to people’s mind is mostly Russia. But it is also to be noted that the crowd of international students in Russia is increasing every year. Hence with the increasing crowd many cases of fraud are also being witnessed with some of the universities in Russia. Belarus, on the other hand, has a population which is much lower than Russia and hence is a much more peaceful country to study and live. It provides a very peaceful environment to the students to study and the students are also not in a haste about adjusting themselves among many people. The people in Belarus mostly follow the Russian culture and the most common languages use in Belarus are Russian and Belarusian. Hence it becomes easy for the students to learn these languages for communicating locally .

Cost of Study

Russia and China are the most common countries where the Indian students aspire to do MBBS from. The cost of studying MBBS in Belarus is very similar to the cost of studying in a B Grade University of China. Belarus provides a high quality of education at a much lower cost. Even the cost of living in Belarus is very affordable. The campus of the Universities of Belarus are extremely beautiful and well maintained. The total cost of doing MBBS from Belarus would be within 25 lakh for a total duration of 6 years, which is very low as compared to the fees of the private medical colleges in India. This figure includes the expenses on food and accommodation. Moreover, it is much more easier for students to learn Russian language than learning Chinese language for communication with the locals and also to interact with the local patients. Also it is a low cost option for Indian students to study MBBS in Europe.


There is also an eligibility criteria that the students have to meet in  order  to seek admission in the  top medical schools in  Belarus . The basic criteria for getting into a Belarussian Medical School is maintaining an academic record of 55% in Physics , Chemistry and Biology in the Science stream in the 10+ level. Any Indian student holding this required criteria would be eligible to take admission in the beautiful medical schools in Belarus at a much lower cost and in a much peaceful environment .